Shockwave Therapy

What is Shock Wave and how does it work? 
Shockwave is a non-invasive therapy that uses high energy sound waves. These high energy           sound waves can easily pass through fluid filled structures like skin, fat and muscle. These waves do not pass through tendons, ligaments or bone. When the sound waves hit these structures they release their energy and penetrate the surrounding tissues. The released energy increases blood flow to the area stimulating various cells that are responsible for tissue repair.


How does Shockwave Therapy help? 
Shock wave treatments not only promote and speed the healing process, but ultimately causes various soft tissue injuries to heal more thoroughly with less fibrous tissue accumulation.



  • Tendon and ligament injuries

  • Bone Fractures (stress fractures/splints)

  • OA/Joint inflammation and pain

  • Foot Injuries (desmitis/Navicular syndrome)

  • Wounds

  • Back pain/Kissing spines


Is Shockwave therapy technology proven? 
Yes. The treatment has been used in humans to treat kidney stones and chronic orthopedic conditions for over 20 years. Versatron is the preferred Shockwave device of equine practitioners and has been proven safe and effective in more equine studies and clinical trails than any other shock wave system.

Is Shockwave therapy right for my animal? 
A Veterinarian will need to diagnose the animal to determine if treatment is warranted.

How many Shockwave therapy treatments are needed? 
The VersaTron is covered by most all insurance companies (up to 3 treatments) so it's beneficial option to owners.


What Results Can be Anticipated?

Shockwave provides prompt symptom improvement with results generally seen within one to three weeks following the treatments.

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