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Flies are important to control. They can not only be annoying but also carry many harmful diseases that can warrant visits from your veterinarian to heal sick horses, chickens, cows, etc.

Fly Predators:

A natural and inexpensive way to get rid of those pesky flies!

There are several options to consider for fly control:

  • Solitude feed through formula - prevents immature flies from developing into adults. Can be ordered on our Online Pharmacy!

  • Insecticidal sprays - repels and/or kills adult flies.

  • Fly baits and traps - lures and traps adult flies.

  • Fly Predators

 Fly Control Strategies

for the

Pacific Northwest

Fly Predators in the Northwest!


I am excited to be able to distribute a combination pack of predatory flies produced right here in the Pacific Northwest to combat the flies that we have.

To learn more about fly predator care:

Transportation & Environment

Key to success with the fly predators is having them in your barn before the flies show up!

Monthly Cost:

 1-5 horses need 5,000 pupae $20 per month

 5-7 horses need 7,500 pupae $25 per month

7-10 horses need 10,000 pupae $31 per month


10-12 horses need 15,000 pupae $41 per month

15-20 horses need 20,000 pupae $53 per month

*Need to be replenished monthly from April-October and sometimes a boost added in July.