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Farrier Services

Farrier Space

We have a designated farrier area at the clinic where local farriers can utilize the space to bring in their own client’s horses. This provides farriers with an organized space to trim or shoe horses while having sedation, farrier radiographs, or consultation available if needed. The farrier's client is not required to be a client of Cascadia Equine. 

Farrier Services: 

  • Sedation

  • Radiographs

    • With the capability of sending radiographs to referring veterinarians. ​

  • Consultation

We ask that farriers call our office in advance to schedule a day and time to use the space. If a client is interested in our services, we are happy to provide a quote. 


Phone: 541-207-8308

Are you Looking for a Farrier? 

If you are looking for a farrier, we might be able to help end your search! We've compiled a list of local farriers and their contact information. If you are a farrier wanting to be added to this list, please contact our office.

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