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Rehabilitation Services


The AquaPacer is an above-ground underwater treadmill that provides a safe and effective workout whether your horse is recovering from an injury or needs the next level of conditioning. The buoyancy and natural resistance of the water provides a low-impact, high-resistance workout with less stress on joints, ligaments and tendons than traditional exercise. The water level and speed of the treadmill are completely customizable to fit each horse’s individual needs. 


The treadmill, which mimics the horse’s natural gait, improves flexibility while building stamina, strength and endurance. The AquaPacer also increases muscle strength, promoting muscle growth across the shoulders, hind end and top line. Horses that are sour towards traditional exercise can benefit from the treadmill as the water provides a break from the normal routine and often improves mental performance. 



  • Provides low-impact, high-resistance workout

  • Quicker recovery time after injury

  • Offers 360 degrees of resistance throughout range of motion

  • Improves mental performance

  • Builds stamina, strength and endurance

  • Increases muscle strength and flexibility

  • Helps correct gait imbalances

  • Builds muscle across the shoulders, hind end and top line

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