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Equine Microchips

Updated: May 4, 2021

What is microchipping? Microchipping is safe, easy and usually lasts the lifespan of the horse. A microchip is a small chip about the size of a grain etched with a unique numerical code that is placed in the horse’s neck below the mane. This chip is non-migratory meaning it will not move once placed and only takes a few seconds to be implanted by a licensed veterinarian.

Why Microchip Your Horse?

Why Microchip your horse? Microchipping is similar to a lip tattoo or brand however many lip tattoos wear down and can become difficult to read. Brands on the other hand can be altered and changed. A microchip is a more advanced option because the implanted chip will always be there and the number never changes. Below is a list of benefits to microchipping your horse.

  • New FEI Standards for showing: Many shows require that your horse now have an FEI approved microchip

  • Some States now require horses to be microchipped

  • Natural Disasters: Wild fires, floods etc. During floods and fires, many horses are separated from their owners and identifying can become a difficult lengthy process.

  • Horse Theft

  • Disease Traceability: Diseases can be traced easier through use of microchips and limits the spread of illnesses.

Cost of Microchipping

Microchipping your horses is easy and affordable. Prices at Cascadia Equine Veterinary Clinic are $60.00 per implant plus a service call fee. If you choose to microchip your horse, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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